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It’s going to be totally offbeat holiday this summer!

  • Posted on: 4 June 2021
  • By: addmean
Author: Dima Viunnyk
This year together with husband we have decided to spent our holidays in quite untypical way. Instead of flying somewhere or taking a train, we have decided to travel by our car. But this is not the only 1 new thing for my family. We decided not to choose any destination but to go around by our car whenever we would feel like travel to. Firstly, it sounded for me too weird to do it, but ultimaltely I agreed in view of two things.

The largest airline in Europe known Lufthansa

  • Posted on: 28 January 2021
  • By: addmean
plane Lufthansa
Author: Tom Dennis Radetzki
Summer holiday is the time when individuals leave their towns and escape from everyday and monotonous lifestyle. It is a wonderful point in time, which is specially needed for people who work hard during the year and summer vacation, is the just moment in time when they can calm down and forget about daily problems.