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The most popular women'sshoes. What are the reasons for buying them? What is the most surprising choice?

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  • Posted on: 12 June 2020
  • By: addmean
Ladies love shoes. They would never say they don't need one. Every season they need to buy more. What are the top 10 Best-Selling shoe styles for ladies all over the world?

On the tenth place are ballet flats. Comfort make them endearing for the ladies.

sneakers asics
Author: Xella

They are perfect to go. The great advantage is that they are also general-purpouse. Women may wear it to the office, fo a walk and even for a disco. Another one are sandals. Very popular during summer, not necesarly winter. They let the skin breath and emphasize the beautifullnes of ladies' feet. One step above are Nude Peep-Toe. Wearing it gives a wide ranget of benefits. The nude color create the ilusion for the legs of being slimmer and longer. The little hole at the tip also brings a extremally sophisticated image. All in all, this is a leading choice regardless of season or occasion. On the seventh place we will find Knee-high boots. They are extremally popular during the fall and winter months. Nonetheless nowadays, when the market is growing these can be choosen any time of the year. Versatile Stilettos are still very popular. This kind of shoe will always be among the most commonly worn in the women’s shoe section. The only thing is they might not be as comfy as the higher choice, Wedges and Platforms. There is no high heel, only the platform which is more comfy to stand on and more stable.Another one are Ankle-Boots. It is comfuy during warmer period but could also be perfect during fall and winter. The place nr 3 is Bold High Heels. Make legs looks heigh and sexy, they are perfect for partyis, not necesarly for long walks. Second shoes on the list are lace-up sneakers. They are comfy and the feet can really rest form the high heel, but on the other hands they can still be cute and match with a dress. The number one is Classic Black Pumps. The biggest advantage is they are commonly-worn and fits every occasion.

Author: auxesis

It's quite surprising that ladies sneakers are on the second place. Among all this typical feminin sholes those are still leading. the secret is women loves comfort. Those types allows them to stand for long hours and still feel no pain. There is also great wariety of them. Every brand have different colours, types and prices.


For example sneakers Asics are excellent for practice sport but also going out.

The market is full of different kind of shoes. Some of them are fashionable for one season, others are best-choosen for ages. The most significant thing is for lady to feel confident in it.